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Core Functionality

  1. Scale\Ticket\Harvest load tracking (JB Ticket Tracker)
    1. Can be networked for multiple users on a LAN
    2. Generates electronic records for loads of grain with or without scales
      1. Tracks Inbound (Harvested Grain) by:
        1. Entity
        2. Farm
        3. Field
        4. Commodity
        5. Landlord
      2. Reports
        1. Provides yield analysis by:
          1. Farm
          2. Field
        2. Yields by Share\Splits\Landlords
        3. Contract reports
    3. Allows for auto-calculation of crop shares\splits to Landlords
    4. Payment calculations to Landlords
      1. Calculates Shrink and FM deductions
      2. Calculates drying charge
      3. Calculates check amounts to Landlords with deductions and dollar discounts
      4. Visual for tickets that have been paid
    5. Payments from Elevators
      1. Allows for comparison of Elevator tickets to Farm Tickets
      2. Visual for tickets that have been reconciled to elevator tickets
      3. Visual for tickets that have been settled
    6. Direct shipment (from the field to the grain marketer)
      1. Tracks grain that is harvested in the field and calculates the splits
      2. Tracks the same load from above to the marketer
      3. Ties Harvested (Inbound) to the Outbound ticket
    7. Outbound tickets are tracked by Contract Number
    8. Inventory tracking by Bin
    9. Ability to Import data from 3rd party software
    10. Ability to export CSV files

Direct Ship

JasBo provides Direct Ship Functionality, which allows a truck to leave the field and go directly to the elevator. An Inbound ticket for the Entity, Farm, Field, and Shareholder can be created on the same screen as the Outbound ticket connected to a specific contract. The Net amount of grain is applied to the Field record and deducted from the contract, which is entered using the elevator ticket.

This functionality ensures that shareholder\landlords are paid correctly, and contracts are kept up to date even when trucks do not come to the farm scales. The inbound and outbound direct ship tickets can be found in the Final tickets list and are indicated with purple highlights for easy recognition.

Coming Soon!!! An automated data import process with elevators that have specific elevator software packages, which may be available in coming months to increase the efficiency of updating Direct Ship transactions.

JasBo is developing an automated data import process with elevators that have specific elevator software packages, which may be available in the coming months to increase the efficiency of updating Direct Ship transactions.

Grain Tickets

The JasBo Inbound ticket generator creates a unique grain ticket for each truck that arrives at the scale house based on the Farm and Field the load originated from. The ticket includes all relevant information such as the truck number, driver name, delivery date, commodity, grades, and weight. The ticket also includes a unique ticket number for tracking and reporting purposes.

Additionally, the ticket can be printed with the customer’s logo and contact information. The ticket generator allows for flexibility in the format of the ticket, making it easier to customize it to the customer’s needs. This allows for easy retrieval of the ticket information for billing and reporting purposes.

The Outbound ticket generator allows the scale operator to efficiently tie the outbound truckload of grain to the desired contract. The outbound ticket functionality gives the scale operator vision and control over what has been shipped on a contract. While allowing the farm accounting office to track tickets on a contract to monitor payments and overfilling.


JasBo takes the hassle out of managing contracts, tickets, and settlements. With an easy-to-use interface, you can quickly and accurately create contracts, generate reports and manage payments.

There are also options for integrating third-party services, such as payment processing and accounting systems.

JasBo also provides access to historical data, allowing you to easily track trends and make informed decisions based on data. Overall, JasBo is an efficient and reliable contract management system for the grain industry.


JasBo is a comprehensive grain transaction management tool that provides users with two sets of standard reports. The first set of reports are in the Ticket Maintenance module and are designed to help users effectively manage their tickets.

These reports can be previewed, printed, exported to Excel, or emailed. The email function enables users to select the file output format for added security or importing purposes.

The second set of standard reports are accessed from the Main Menu – Reports Menu and are tailored to meet the needs of users when communicating with elevator companies, insurance agencies, government agencies, or landlords.

Power BI Reporting

JasBo Technologies is committed to providing users with modern reporting tools. Currently we offer access to the data tables, allowing users to create their own reports with Power BI, the leading Business Intelligence software according to the Gartner 2022 Quadrant. Access to the data tables allows access to the reports with Excel Power Query as well.

Our team can assist users with the process of creating the reports as a coach, or we can completely develop the reports for users if needed.